Monday, October 10, 2011

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This NP was recently seen at a large conglomorate hospital in the area (think socialized albeit private quality medicine with a name that correlates), using insurance I have paid for through work although I waited over 90 days for it to "kick in", I was seen for a procedure (which luckily amounted in nothing abnormal, yeah!). The experience reminded this provider how broken our medical system is.

Patients are usually not seen in Community Health Centers by choice, and there is a reason why... understaffed, underfunded, with long lines and limited resources... (although to be fair; our spunk, drive, commitment to social justice/equality,creativity, and NHSC obligations are second to none!)... it's nothing like a trip to your friendly concierge service MD.

While a friendly radiologist inserted an uncomfortably long and shockingly low gauge needle into my neck, a friendly radiology tech followed instrutions on a quality ultrasound machine, and a very peppy tech complied with the provider's every need. Wow, posh... and it was only a relatively minor procedure.. I've put in hundreds of IUDs (a sterile procedure nontheless) singlehandedly without even an MA, so this treatment felt like a day at the spa (medical-resource wise).

Ok, I'm not saying we should all be signed up for some high priced, private HMO...and if you are a billionaire and want to use some of your wealth to pay for an ultra-private service, so be it... what I am saying is that every citizen, from the uber rich to the hoi polloi deserves basic, quality, accessable and appropriate health care as a human right... you can always pay extra to access your botox, fancy additional procedures, or brand name medications without generic equivelent, but there is something majorly broken when such huge disparity exists.

I don't have all the answers, but the basic starting point seems quite simple... it's broke, needs fixing... start at the beginning; basic affordable health care access for all.

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  1. Having spent 17 years in Canada don't get me started on the health care system here. It is not perfect in Canada by any means, but people are not lining up by the thousands to be seen in a sporting arena, like LA this weekend, because they do not have basic care.