Friday, October 14, 2011

not what she said...

you may remember a prior post on selective English T-shirt wording which patients sport unbenounced to the actual meaning of the wording.

Today, I saw another choice example of why an English-Spanich Diccionary may come in handy at your average San Francisco thrift store;

Walking on the corner of 19th and valencia, a kind tiny older hispanic woman was seen sporting a shirt reading "expert cougar hunter".... hmmm, something tells me the meaning is lost on her, and i expect her cougar hunting skills are minimal if at all existant :)

Not clinically related, but thought it was worth posting before the weekend to put a smile on a few faces!


  1. Funny, I wonder if someone ever explained it to her.

  2. OK that is really funny!! Sometimes we need the "not clinically related" stuff to get us through all the crazy clinical stuff we deal with! Thanks for the laugh!