Monday, February 7, 2011

community health....NP style

Community Health.... bright eyed neophytes fresh off the graduation red carpet march into the community with ambition, ideas, and no idea just WHAT they are getting into or HOW to make it through the first day. We have all been there, and many of us struggle to keep afloat, but there are ways to bob above the current and maintain a life, and a sense of humor!   This blog will be a place to document my experience in community health over the last decade.... I have played many roles, all of them rewarding, interesting, frustrating, and ultimately, growth-giving.... posts will inspire laughter, clinical and educational tips, health care pointers, and relay stories of the never mundane world  that is the privilege of providing health care to those who need it most, and can find it no where else.


  1. What is your advice to us who are just getting ready to do our clinicals and graduate? (By the way, I am 48. Wish I was younger but there it is)

  2. neophyte.. you're a star, see recent posting (I figured it was good to share with the masses as was) thanks for bringing up my next topic, I had admitted writers block this month ;)