Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Over the counter and in the kitchen....

Remedios Caseros... Home remedies...

- in community clinics, our clientele is rich with remedies, many helpful, many not so helpful, and some a bit comical culturally speaking.

Today, my elderly client with impetigo came in for a re check, bactroban and septra are certainly clearing up the lesions well.. but his arm was covered in a thin layer of a dried red substance...

"Sir, what did you put on your arm here" I asked
"why, tomato juice, they tell me it's good for itching"
- apart from a theoretical use for dogs sprayed by skunks, can't say I've seen this one used as a remedy before.. asked him to d/c use for now so the bactroban can penetrate well without any interference.

- That being said, a quick google search showed multiple sites including "Dr Granny" that claim that tomato and it's acidic PH can help with pruritis.

Sometimes, remedios, and our Latino communities openness to using them can come in handy, for example;
- Te de Manzanilla (Chammomile tea); good for "calming nerves" and soothing/rehydration of the sorest viral pharyngitis patient

- liquado (smoothie) good for constipation especially during pregnancy;
- yoghurt (natural low fat) ; probiotics and calcium
- a few prunes or dates; fiber, laxative action
- papaya; natural digestive enzymes
- flax seed (grind fresh); fiber, laxative, omega three action
- Nopalitos (cactus leaves); research shows that they can be good for glucose control and may help with insulin resistance.. this being said, they often aren't a full substitute for other diabetes treatments, but are worth a shot!

any other favorite remedies out there? Would love to hear about them!

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  1. I'm a big fan of home remedies. I would much rather take the natural route than use medication... Plain yogurt or ginger tea for tummy troubles, glass of water or milk for heartburn, warm lemon with honey for sore throat, garlic-y chicken soup for colds. :)
    Great post!