Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the chester sign

When this NP used to work in migrant health care pediatrics, we would commonly see kids walk in the door toting 900 cal. bags of spicy hot cheetos (with GERD producing lime and chili ADDED to the bag)... when parents and kids complaining of uncomfortable gastritis adamantly declined eating these red and orange tinged snacks.... brightly stained fingers would often chip away at such claims. One pediatrician I worked with jokingly called this bright orange evidence "positive chester sign" .... as in

S; c/o abdominal discomfort
HPI; approx 3 weeks with abdominal discomfort, worse after eating and on empty stomach,
ROS; denies V/D but does report occas nausea. No fever/chills. Denies eating any spicy or fast food, including spicy hot cheetos
O; bright orange tinged fingers.......positive chester sign
A; dyspepsia with evidence of CHEETO CONSUMPTION
P; no more quarters for the vending machine... cutting you off of red dye #5

a new article links hyperactivity and artificial food dyes, all the more reason to lay off the cheetos (and the chester sign will give you away if you don't!);

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